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Our maid services in Raleigh, NC by Sweep Away Clean tackles any cleaning job you may have. No rooms are too small or too large for our team – we can handle them all. We offer multiple cleaning plans to fit your needs, whether you need cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, every three weeks, or on a monthly basis. We offer deep cleans, Move in and move out cleanings and specialized one-time house cleaning services in Raleigh, NC. We also offer Professional Carpet Cleaning in Raleigh, NC. Same day house cleanings are also available.


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Residential Maid Services in Raleigh, NC

Our most popular service is our recurring weekly or biweekly maid service in Raleigh, NC. This cleaning service ensures that we maintain a clean house so you don’t have to worry about anything other than the occasional picking up and organization.  Our standard cleaning includes:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Staircase
  • Laundry Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
Based on 111 reviews
Annika Rose
Annika Rose
Melissa did a great job getting our home move out clean and ready. Josh was very attentive and hand delivered our invoice. Can highly recommend.
Leslie Page
Leslie Page
Karina was awesome. Super friendly when she came in and loved on my dogs so they were comfortable with her coming in. She did a great job and I didn’t want to do anything because I didn’t want to mess up my clean house! I would definitely use Karina again!
Fred Blackwood
Fred Blackwood
Our cleaner on Leap Day, 2/29/24, did a fantastic job. She was very thorough and attended to our areas of need that we had requested. The house felt, looked and smelled clean and fresh. That is very important to us.
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Best cleaning and carpet cleaning service in the Triangle! We recommend them to everyone I know!
Shannon Utley
Shannon Utley
Sweepaway is a great company to work with for house cleaning. They have awesome people that go above and beyond when cleaning. I use a cleaning service because of my allergies. Rhonda came in and went above and beyond! She did such a thorough job! Thank you so much!
Amanda Muentnich
Amanda Muentnich
Yvelice did an amazing job!
Miranda Day
Miranda Day
Miol did a wonderful job cleaning our home before we took real estate photos and listed the property. We had an offer in under 24-hours after listing thanks to the home being so clean and looking so nice. Thank you, Miol!
stacy bryce
stacy bryce
Karina was amazing, she came and cleaned our home better than expected. We are very pleased and satisfied with her. We will be booking her again.
Grant Searer
Grant Searer
Efficient and timely. I will be using this service in the future.

Customized Maid Service in Raleigh, NC

Our cleaning services in Raleigh, NC include sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, dusting, wiping down window sills and ledges, and kitchen appliances (oven cleaning and refrigerator clean-out are not included, but can be added). We also offer professional carpet cleaning in Raleigh. Check out our house cleaning service Raleigh FAQ page for more answers to your questions.


  1. Remove cobwebs, including around light fixtures
  2. Dust all light fixtures, wall art, etc.
  3. Sweep entire floor 
  4. Vacuum closet (if possible)
  5. Spray Clorox in bowls/shower
  6. Scrub sink bowls /tub bowl
  7. Clean shower including door and bottom of shower removing all mildew
  8. Scrub toilet bowl 
  9. Disinfect all surfaces sink vanity outside the tub, etc. 
  10. Glass clean all mirrors, chrome finishes, outside shower
  11. Disinfect outside of toilet including front, sides and behind
  12. Hand mop out floors with a separate wet rag


  1. Remove cobwebs
  2. Dust all light fixtures, wall art, etc.
  3. Scrub sink bowl 
  4. Take microwave plate out and scrub it
  5. Disinfect and clean inside of the microwave
  6. Scrub and disinfect top of the stove
  7. Dust and clean top of fridge / Stainless steel clean all appliances including inside fridge doors
  8. Disinfect all countertops
  9. Glass clean all needed surfaces including dishwasher, stove( including top ) fridge if needed
  10. Polish countertops with glass cleaner 
  11.       Sweep and mop all areas

Living room / Bedrooms

  1. Remove  cobwebs
  2. Wall to wall dusting of light fixtures,  tops of fans, wall art, etc.
  3. A dusting of all wooden furniture including the bottom, shelving, etc. 
  4. Dust / clean window sills and ledges 
  5. Glass clean all mirrors and glass top furniture
  6. Sweep any flat surfaces / Vacuum all area rugs/carpets
  7. Wet mop 

Laundry room

  1. Disinfect tops of washer and dryer
  2. Sweep out floors and hand mop with disinfecting cleaner


  1. Dust all railings and baseboards on stairs
  2. Vacuum stairs with a hose from a vacuum not letting vacuum brushes spin in stairs
  3. Wet mop stairs if hardwood

Other Services

Carpet Cleaning

We offer top quality carpet cleaning services in Raleigh at an affordable price. Our carpet cleaning team is trained to clean your carpet using a three-step steam cleaning process and use the most advanced equipment available to ensure outstanding results, leaving you with carpets that are clean, fresh, and smell great!

Window Cleaning

Get your windows sparkling clean with our professional window cleaning services. We clean all interior windows with our premium, ammonia free foaming glass cleaner.

Kitchen Cleaning

Spring cleaning can help clean up any dust and mold, which can help lower the risk of allergies and asthma in the spring and summer when temps rise. Regular 'surface style' cleaning will have your home appearing clean but there are often hidden accumulations of dirt and debris that are missed on areas that go overlooked. Spring cleaning is about thoroughly cleaning those missed spots, on top of a regular service. We offer Deep cleaning services in Raleigh, NC including… Inside fridge, inside oven, wet wiping baseboards, wet wiping inside and outside cabinets, wet wiping blinds, glass cleaning all interior windows and professional carpet cleaning services.

Laundry Services

Take the hassle out of laundry day with our convenient and affordable laundry services! In-Home Laundry services in Raleigh can be booked as an add-on to any cleaning service or booked alone as a stand alone service. ($70 an hour) Wash, Dry, Fold

Apartment Cleaning

In most cases, you will be responsible for the move-out cleaning of your Apartment in Raleigh. Fortunately, our professional move out cleaning service in Raleigh, NC are here to handle the task. Performing a deep clean before moving out is beneficial especially if you have a security deposit on the line. We can do a detailed clean and leave everything as it was when you moved in and you'll have a better chance of getting your security deposit back. We provide a receipt after payment (as requested) to ensure everything goes smoothly for your move.

Organizational Services

Need help unpacking from a move or just need help to get your home back on track? Our home organization services in Raleigh offer unpacking, downsizing & overall organizing services to busy professionals ready to get their lives back! We can help organize your kitchen pantry, closets and many more spaces in your home.

Move In & Out Cleaning

Take care of the packing and moving and leave the cleaning to us! You pack, we clean! Get your property sparkling clean and move-in ready with our professional move in and out cleaning services in Raleigh. If your home will be empty, or if you're getting ready to put your home on the market we offer a basic and or full move in/out package to best meet your cleaning needs, we recommend our deep clean options. Inside fridge, inside oven, wet wiping baseboards, wet wiping inside and outside cabinets, wet wiping blinds, glass cleaning all interior windows and professional carpet cleaning services. We can also send you a receipt with proof for your landlord or new tenant assuring your deposit is returned.

Office Cleaning

Have you considered hiring outside help to keep your Raleigh office clean? Our office cleaning services in Raleigh, NC offer quick and professional cleaning with guaranteed satisfaction. Don’t trust just any commercial cleaning company — choose our professional office cleaning team in Raleigh to get the job done right each time! Our commercial cleaning team is committed to providing you with the best in Raleigh office cleaning, with consistency, quality and excellent customer service.

Appliance Deep Clean

Transform your kitchen with a deep cleaning of your appliances with our appliance cleaning service. We offer cleaning and disinfecting the inside of your fridge, freezer and oven. Get the most for your money by adding these deep cleaning services to your next house cleaning.


What's Included

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Common Areas

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