Raleigh Move Out Cleaning!

When moving out of your home or apartment, you’re likely more focused on your new place than your old one. But before locking up for the last time, you’ll need to make sure everything is in good order for the next occupants. That’s where our Raleigh move out cleaning services come in. We can show you what a move out cleaning Raleigh NC entails and why you may want to use such a service.

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What is a Move Out Cleaning?

Our Raleigh move out cleaning is a specialized cleaning service that aims to remove dust and dirt from a home after the owners or tenants have moved out. Our cleaning company can reach areas of the home that were perhaps never touched during occupancy. The job can also be tailored to address specific areas. Here’s what a move-in/move-out cleaning job might include: We cover everything from standard cleaning services to deep cleaning options such as wet wiping baseboards, Blinds, and Cabinets. We can deep clean the inside of your fridge and oven as well!  

Kitchen: In addition to sanitizing the sink, backsplash and countertop, our move-in/move-out cleaning company will clean the interior and exterior of the cabinets, clean the inside of the oven and stovetop, wipe down appliances that will remain for the next occupants, and clean the inside of the refrigerator.

Bathroom: During a move-in/move-out cleaning, the cleaners will scrub the sink, disinfect the toilet, dust any cabinets or shelves, sanitize all shower and tub surfaces to remove any lingering mildew, and mop or sweep the floors including wet wiping baseboards.

Living areas and bedrooms: The cleaners will thoroughly dust ceilings, walls and baseboards; sweep or vacuum floors/wipe down banisters, light switches and door knobs; clean and dust windows, framings, blinds, and window treatments; and clean areas that couldn’t be reached during occupancy due to the presence of bulky furniture.

Who Needs Move Out Cleaning Raleigh NC?

Those who benefit from move-in/move-out cleaning services include tenants, landlords and individuals who have recently bought or sold a home. Whether you are required to hire a move-in/move-out cleaning service will depend upon the agreement you have in place with your landlord or buyer. If you’ve purchased a home, you may decide on your own to hire move-in/move-out cleaners to prepare the property before you move in.

Some landlords require tenants to thoroughly clean the unit before they will return the security deposit. If you have such an agreement, carefully review the language of your lease and communicate with your landlord to fully understand what their expectations are for the unit’s condition upon vacancy. With this information in hand, you can pass along specific instructions to our cleaning company. Even if a landlord doesn’t require deep cleaning, they usually ask for some tidying. However, if your move is happening in a very short time frame, you may choose to save time by hiring housekeepers to do a basic cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, trash removal) after you vacate. 

If you vacate your home before selling it, a move-in/move-out cleaning will improve how the property shows to potential buyers. If you have a real estate trust, you should have it professionally cleaned after you’ve cleared out the furnishings and before you rent or sell.

Allergy sufferers: Hiring a move-in/move-out cleaning company is a good idea for those who suffer from severe allergies or have strong sensitivities to odors. The cleaners can eliminate much of the dust and pet dander that affect allergy sufferers and reduce the lingering presence of cigarette smoke or other odor-causing agents. If you can’t rest until every last speck of dirt in your home is swept away, you’ll likely be much more comfortable if you hire a move-in/move-out cleaner before settling into your new home. See your free quote for a move out house cleaning on our website.

Here are our standard move out cleaning services that we provide:


  1. Remove cobwebs, including around light fixtures
  2. Dust all light fixtures, wall art, etc.
  3. Sweep entire floor 
  4. Vacuum closet (if possible)
  5. Spray Clorox in bowls/shower
  6. Scrub sink bowls /tub bowl
  7. Clean shower including door and bottom of shower removing all mildew
  8. Scrub toilet bowl 
  9. Disinfect all surfaces sink vanity outside the tub, etc. 
  10. Glass clean all mirrors, chrome finishes, outside shower
  11. Disinfect outside of toilet including front, sides and behind
  12. Hand mop out floors with a separate wet rag


  1. Remove cobwebs
  2. Dust all light fixtures, wall art, etc.
  3. Scrub sink bowl 
  4. Take microwave plate out and scrub it
  5. Disinfect and clean inside of the microwave
  6. Scrub and disinfect the top of the stove
  7. Dust and clean top of fridge / Stainless steel clean all appliances including inside fridge doors
  8. Disinfect all countertops
  9. Glass clean all needed surfaces including dishwasher, stove( including top ) fridge if needed
  10. Polish countertops with glass cleaner 
  11. Sweep and mop all areas

Living room / Bedrooms

  1. Remove  cobwebs
  2. Wall to wall dusting of light fixtures,  tops of fans, wall art, etc.
  3. A dusting of all wooden furniture including the bottom, shelving, etc. 
  4. Dust / clean window sills and ledges 
  5. Glass clean all mirrors and glass top furniture
  6. Sweep any flat surfaces / Vacuum all area rugs/carpets
  7. Wet mop 

Laundry room

  1. Disinfect tops of washer and dryer
  2. Sweep out floors and hand mop with disinfecting cleaner


  • Dust all railings and baseboards on stairs
  • Vacuum stairs with hose from vacuum not letting vacuum brush spin in stairs
  • Wet mop stairs if hardwood

In all rooms…

  •  Beds made
  • Trash taken out
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Before Shower CleaningAfter Shower Cleaning

Cost of Raleigh Move Out Cleaning Services

Our Raleigh move our cleaning costs vary based on the size of the residence, the condition it is in, and the services rendered. We will customize a plan that works for you. We do this by working with you to figure out the scope of work involved so that we can better meet your cleaning expectations. We can meet with you for a free in-home consultation to show you what to expect from us and to see what all you need to be completed. After an in-home review is performed, Sweep Away Cleaning Services in Raleigh will provide you with our policies, a copy of our insurance and bond information, a detailed checklist of the work that will be performed, and a copy of the specific work order to fit your house cleaning needs. If you choose to use our services you can rest assured that all of our cleaning services have no contracts.